• Mary Lawrence

Couture at 6

My first kindergarten teacher scared me speechless literally I guess. They suggested to my Mother I give it another go. I attended kindergarten twice and boy am I glad . I absolutely adored my second Teacher. Miss Ozelis at Gary School in West Chicago. She was a new teacher that year so I'm guessing about 24 or 25 years old. She seemed older to me but remember I was 6. She was bubbly, I mean smiling and giggling all the time . She had bright silver braces and wore her hair in a flipped up bouncy blond bob. She had fabulous taste in clothing. She wore flowered stylish mini dresses (remember I am a 70's kid) and a colored scarf in her hair to match her smashing ensemble. Looking back now she could have been a go-go dancer masquerading as my teacher . I could've cared less she was wonderful . I remember her collection of bright beaded necklaces and shiny hooped earrings. She had dimples when she smiled and she adored ladybugs. So you can see by repeating kindergarten I was educated with the necessary tools to separate myself from the other pupils diligently striving for studious superiority. I excelled and mastered in the fine art of accessorizing. You can see this in my class photo. I am rockin it in the crochet hair baubles and chicken vest. Bam !

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